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Test Code SEIN Semen Analysis Infertility Study


Manual Count by Hemacytometer

Performing Laboratory

Munson Healthcare Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Total ejaculate. Specimen must be received in laboratory within 1 hour of collection. Specimen must be collected in a container that is chemically clean. Soap residues can decrease motility as can spermicides. Studies show that the normal male maximum sperm activity is seen in specimens collected after 3 days and not more than 7 days abstinence from sexual intercourse. However, the physician may alter the conditions of the testing, and patients should follow such directions. Do not use any lubricant or contraceptive preparation or condom since they may affect the test.

Reference Values

Viscosity: normal

Volume: 1.2-7.4 mL

Count: 20-160 million/mL

Motility: >60%

pH: 7.0-8.5

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding